There is No Sleep Here. (a rant)

Sleep did not come. The comforting embrace of my lover, slumber, never came. I lay there, eyes closed, my body quivering with anticipation, but Sleep did not come. Judas.

While Sleep masterfully evaded my seduction, others sought to be my lovers and I would not endure the night in solitude.

Pain was first to arrive. Just as the cool of the pillow began to caress my cheek, before the moon had secured its place in the darkened sky, Pain stealthily slid in under guise of a shadow. More tormentor than lover, Pain does not knock gently, does not seek permission, this unannounced, uninvited visitor takes unbridled pleasure in completely vanquishing the body, it devours, destroys and discards leaving a numb, useless heap, until it is ready to consume its fill again. Pain is not a gentle lover but is surely one of unfailing stamina. It haunted me all night long and was still lingering in my bed when the morning found my bed chamber.

This new lover, Day, courted me more gently and did so boldly in Pain’s presence. A captor still, it rode in on my weariness like a skilled warrior, armed with heat as the weapon of choice, it bid me to join it in the sunlight’s gentle kiss yet threatened to slay me at first light without mercy.

The two lovers fought to have me, though neither cared to save me. The discomfort of the Day’s heat and searing light would succumb at last to the enduring Pain that promised to carry me through yet another night.

Dusk. Day vanquished. Night falls. Pain is aroused with passions anew. And still Sleep does not come. Sleep does not come.

I am lost.

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