A Walk in my Loveless Shoes

How long did I look at the beautiful colours of setting sun and fail to notice the impending fall of darkness…

You don’t love me anymore. You’ll be quick to deny it, but it’s true, you don’t.

I don’t know what I did, or didn’t do, to cause it. I didn’t ‘mash your corns’ as they say, nor did I cause them. (At least, not that I am aware of). I don’t know how it happened or when, but I’ll never forget moment I realised it. When I first realised the emptiness inside me would not be filled by you again.

It didn’t happen suddenly. I didn’t feel that you loved me one minute and just didn’t the next. It was a gradual awakening to the realisation. Like the gradual darkening of sky as the sun sets behind the horizon and the night settles over land. Actually, now I often ponder how long it took me to notice. How long did I look at the beautiful colours of setting sun and fail to notice the impending fall of darkness.

I first realised things had changed when you didn’t have time for anymore. Before I was the centre of your world, we were together all the time. But then you were always too busy, there was so much to do and there was so little time left over for us to be together. Later you promised. Always later. Only later never came.

I made excuses on your behalf, (at first) but that would soon pass. Sometime later, I’d come to see the truth. But the moment I knew for sure your love had faded, much like the setting sun, was the last time I saw you. There was something so final in your step as you walked away. Then I saw the colourful sky was merely illusion, a reflection of nothing but dimming light. We had walked together but somehow I knew you were now going to walk a different path, a path without me.

I cling to memories of a better time. And glorious times we had. I even believe that for awhile we were happy. The loss of your love pains me. There’s emptiness in my inner sole where you once were. But I wish you well, wherever you go, may all your steps be filled with love, a love which is unlike mine, is always returned.

Love always,
Your (Last) Non-designer Shoes

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