The Stupid Shall Inspire

Welcome to unemployment Rick! Sure glad to have you.
I would have said before that no one deserves to be here,
but you have earned your place. 
In these challenging economic times, I don’t wish unemployment on anyone. The opportunities are ever decreasing and the hopefuls trying to fill them are increasing by the hour. It’s tough. There are people I won’t share my ice-cream with, but even those folk don’t deserve the experience of losing a job. Or so I thought. Then along came Rick Sanchez. I shake my head in utter amazement still. Rick, seriously?

Losing your job is bad enough, but I suppose if you like doing things with a bit of flair, losing your job on page 3 of the daily papers is the way to go. (Sanchez didn’t make front page anywhere. I’m sure he’s offended.) I’d love 5 minutes to ask him exactly what was he thinking. Or what was he high on. I’m still clinging to the shallow hope that somehow Rick didn’t mean what he said. Although since he said on a live radio broadcast, we can all presume he meant every rotten word.

As someone who previously enjoyed his show Rick’s List quite a bit, I for one, didn’t see this coming. I thought his sometimes inappropriate, silly or unintelligent responses were attempts at off-beat humour. And I admit, I often laughed along.  Surely his reference to Jesse James as “Mr. Sharpton” was said in jest. Rick is a journalist afterall. He worked for CNN. With such high credentials that couldn’t have been a slip of the tongue. Though I don’t think Jessie laughed. I didn’t either. But they don’t even look alike so how did he get that wrong?  Though now, based on recent revelations, I’m inclined to believe Mr. Sanchez may think all Black people look the same. Because there was nothing funny at all when Ricky started slewing “bigot” around, or when he sarcastically referred to Jews as “an oppressed minority”, yet had the audacity to call other people “racist”. (I removed the expletives).  We’re not laughing now Mr. Sanchez. I’m seriously not amused.

Rick Sanchez lost his job. And for those of you who thought otherwise, let’s be clear on this, despite his claims, Rick did not lose his job because he’s Hispanic. He’s without employment today because he’s downright stupid.

Welcome to unemployment Rick! Sure glad to have you. I would have said before that no one deserves to be here, but you have earned your place.

For the rest of us, however, Rick stands as beacon of hope. For if the likes of Rick Sanchez can roll back over 6 figures in salary at one of the most reputable international networks, anyone can. Chin up! There’s a job out there with your name on it. Go forth today and conquer.

And if anyone at CNN happens to read this, kindly note,  in addition to blogs, I write lists too.

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