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Love. – noun: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. So says dictionary.com But it’s much more than that isn’t it?

It’s that funny feeling in your stomach, kind of like one too many prunes, but not quite. That lightness of the head, quickening of the heart, the removal of all sense and reason. A constant smile, a soft sigh, a burst of laughter. Irrational, illogical and ecstatic. Ready to throw-up yet?

Before you get the wrong idea, yes, I’m a pessimist. Oh I believe in love just like most of you. I do. It’s the length and sincerity of it that I question. It all starts off ok. Person meets person, they date, laugh, eat a few meals together and before you know it, fall in love. Sensible ones stay there but others get carried away. You know what I mean. Get engaged, plan a debt, I mean wedding, they get married (if it’s legal where you are), put an aquarium in the living room and rescue a dog. It’s beautiful. Stay with me now, cause this is where reality sets in. And then after that first blissful year, farts ain’t funny no more…

Don’t let me discourage you. Fall in love! Go for it. Just be aware that “till death do us part” might be a longer time than you think. 

It isn’t a bed of roses and if anyone tells you it is, remember that roses still need pruning to stay pretty. In other words, it takes work. And lots of it. 

But other than that, if you like the flavour of Pepto Bismol, waking up at random hours of the night with the sheets gone, find your own company boring and you think the person you are reading this to, you can’t live without, my friend, marriage is for you.

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Laugh loud, love hard and live in the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “I do”

  1. “It's that funny feeling in your stomach, kind of like one too many prunes, but not quite…… Ready to throw-up yet?”

    After this first paragraph i had to scroll back up to make sure it was about love,it sounded like panic disorder *shakes nervously* lol

    good work girl!
    keep it up


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